Devin Townsend Just Released a Whole Album of Ambient Guitar Noodling


If you’re a follower of Devin Townsend’s career, you know that ambient electric guitar noodling is a thing that he does, fooling around with pedals and loopers and such to make hypnotic, relaxing soundscapes. He does it at demos and clinics (both online and IRL) but more structured versions also appear as background in songs, such as throughout Ghost, Ki and Casualties of Cool.

Now there’s an entire album of it. Brand new material, an hour’s worth. For you to listen to. Right now!

Devin revealed the album over the weekend via his usual communication method of choice, Twitter:

“It’s been a chaotic week. I made an ‘album’ for you all though this weekend if you need a break… it’s just some chill guitar noodling people have asked me for.

“I’ll be starting Twitch again this week, show you what I’ve been working on. Noon Tuesday I’d say…

“Again: This is just background music that hopefully is calming amidst this chaotic period. I find this sort of stuff good as background sounds while doing other things. Hope you dig it and you’re hanging in there =)”

Give it a listen below, or wait until your bedtime tonight to let it soothe you to sleep.

Devin’s Twitch, for those interested in tuning in tomorrow, is right here.

Devin raised over $186,000 to benefit hospital workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic through a series of three livestreamed quarantine concerts. Watch those here: one, two, three.

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