Devin Townsend Raises $186,000 for Charity, Releases Animated “Sprite” Video


Devin Townsend’s series of three quarantine concerts were not only hella entertaining — Devin could burp into a microphone (and probably has) and have his audience, me included, begging for more — but the proceeds went towards a fantastic cause, collectively raising a stunning $186,000 for front line medical workers in New York, the U.K. and his native Vancouver.

Devin has chosen to celebrate that milestone with a proper new music video for “Sprite,” from his most recent opus, Empath, an animated affair done up by the wizards at Crystal Spotlight. The video is part of some of the brand new visuals that come with a special edition of Empath mixed in 5.1 sound, a two CD / two Blu-Ray set that includes a ton of bonus tracks, a full documentary and album commentary. Pre-order it here.

Watch “Sprite” below, and watch the three quarantine concerts at the links in the first sentence above if you haven’t seen ’em yet — they’re quite impressive, especially when you keep in mind Devin did all the video editing himself in real time, while performing using an Xbox controller!

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