Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Releases Two New Solo Tracks, Complete With Videos Directed by Fred Durst


If you’re a fan of Tommy Lee’s solo work — and who is? — then you’ll be excited to learn that the Mötley Crüe drummer is dropping a new solo album, Andro, on October 16. Based on the cover art, which kinda-sorta includes reconfigurations of the Mars and Venus symbols, I believe the title is mean to be short for “androgynous,” although I may be giving Tommy too much credit — it’s entirely possible he’s not that creative.

Regardless, Mr. Lee has also released the first two singles from Andro, each complete with its own Fred Durst-directed video (which were visibly filmed on the same set). Which seems appropriate, given that Durst is to filmmaking as Tommy is to music that isn’t hair metal.

The first single is called “Tops,” and features the South African rapper Push Push. While I’m grateful that Tommy himself does not rap on the song, I still find it irritating. I could see it being not so bad if I was on lots and lots and LOTS of Molly, though. Like, LOTS of Molly.

The second single, “Knock Me Down” — not to be confused with Tommy’s 2002 nu-grunge ode to feeling sorry for himself, “Hold Me Down” — is a straight-up nu-metalcore song featuring the rapper Killvein. It features lyrics like “Bitch better open up the motherfuckin’ mosh pit” and “I got your shorty in the building and she topless,” which kinda tells you everything you need to know about it.

If you made it through both of those songs and liked what you heard, you can pre-order Andro here.

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