Entombed Vocalist LG Petrov Details His Battle Against Cancer


LG Petrov, vocalist for pioneering Swedish death metallers Entombed, has revealed more details about his battle against bile duct cancer.

Earlier this month, Petrov revealed that the unspecified form of cancer with which he is afflicted is “uncurable.” He is currently undergoing chemotherapy to help keep the cancer under control, and has launched a GoFundMe to help him cover living expenses.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Petrov reveals when and how he found out he has cancer:

“A couple of months ago. I felt a lump in my solar plexus. And I was, like, ‘OK, I’ll ignore it.’ But then it started to hurt, so I went to the doctor, and they X-rayed it quickly and said, ‘You have to go to the specialist.’ That was weird. You can’t imagine what it feels like. Your whole body goes warm. It’s, like, ‘Fucking hell.’”

He went on to specify what kind of cancer he has:

“The cancer is called gallvägscancer in Swedish. I didn’t look it up on the internet, because I just don’t want to read about it, but it’s something to do with the bile duct. I’ve had a few beers throughout my life, but the liver is tip-top. I’ve smoked a lot, but the lungs are tip-top. It’s just very, very bad luck. Cancer doesn’t have feelings. It’s just maximum bad luck.”

He also revealed which fellow celebrity metal musician suggested he launch a crowdfunding campaign:

“Actually, Jay Weinberg from Slipknot was the one who suggested it. I was talking to him and he said I should do it, because of all this COVID crap and the financial situation we’re in. Some of the pills are pretty expensive, but I aim to donate some of the money to [Swedish children’s cancer fund] Barncancerfonden. I feel like I owe it.”

Go here to read the full interview, which also includes details of the treatment he’s undergoing, his mental state, and more.

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