Corey Taylor Says Some Slipknot Members are “F*cking Miserable” People


Corey Taylor is very much enjoying everything about the process of his new solo album, previously describing it as the “most enjoyable” recording experience he’s had since Slipknot’s debut. And that’s understandable: he’s fully in control instead of having to take input from other strong personalities while worrying about the expectations of Slipknot (or Stone Sour) music.

But now, in a new interview with Kaaos TV, Taylor has elaborated on the other side of that same coin: what has made writing with Slipknot more of a chore in recent years?

First, some context. Earlier in the chat, Corey explains just how much fun he’s been having with his new solo album:

“We had so much fun recording this album, and that’s one of the reasons I chose the people I did to be in the band because some of these guys I’ve known almost 20 years. We’ve all been friends, I knew how good they were, but I also knew that they would be as excited about the recording process as I would be.

“So every day was just another chance to laugh; every day was just another chance to hang out with your bros and just have a good time making music. We didn’t hold anything back, we were just so stoked and so excited about making a big rock album that we just got into it. So in a way, it was a complete 180 from an experience that I really haven’t had since the first Slipknot album [1999’s self-titled].

“It was so enjoyable and so positive that it really kind of set the tone for me as like, ‘You know what? This is the only way I want to make music from now on. I don’t want to waste my time with people who are fucking miserable anymore. I want to make music with people who are as stoked as I am about what we get to do for our lives, and yeah, that really pulled great energy out of it.’”

Whoa, “fucking miserable”? Do tell. Thankfully the interviewer didn’t let that one by, responding, “I guess in Slipknot you have pretty strong musicians who all have their own opinions about the stuff you are writing.” To which Corey replied:

“Yeah, I mean, you would think that that would lend itself sometimes, but some people just can’t get out of their own way when it comes to just being unhappy. It’s like, ‘Fuck man, what do you have to be unhappy about? We’re living our dream, it’s been over 20 years now, and we still get to do this,’ you know?

“I don’t get it. In a lot of ways, it shows me that certain people’s choices in life can really dictate how they become in life, whereas I still make music for the same reason that I wanted to make music when I was a kid – because I fucking love it.

“And you know, it’s just one of those cases where sometimes you just grow apart, people just change, and you wake up one day and somebody you’ve known for 20 years you have very little in common with. It’s not to say that you don’t still make good music together, but it’s different.”

I wonder which Slipknot member Taylor is speaking about? And I wonder if this is gonna stir up any shit within the band. But I’m guessing whoever it is (or they are) knows full well, and it’s just become the working fabric of Slipknot for better or worse at this point. I still wonder who it is, though! I’m a gossip, I can’t help it.

You can watch the full chat below.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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