Devin Townsend Releases Live Clip of “War” from Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray


Devin Townsend had a particularly sick slate of touring planned for 2020 and 2021 before the shit went down. It involved a bunch of different musician lineups playing a wide variety of material from throughout his career, and I’d recap that all here but really what’s the point? It ain’t happening now. Great sadness.

What DID happen, at least, was a run featuring a whole bunch of Empath material with musicians from that record, as well as some other Devin classics. That lineup completed a run of Europe and got part way through one of the U.S. before the pandemic put a halt to it, but it will now be immortalized on a live release of the show filmed in London on December 12, 2019. Devin has now put out a performance of “War” from that show, and man, I know it’s obvious, but live music…. [*sigh*]

Devin offered of the new clip, in a typically heady Devinian fashion:

“Hello folks, here’s another song from the ‘Order Of Magnitude‘ Blu-ray. Amidst the chaos of recent times, I look back at this concert as being another world in a lot of ways, and although the DVD has many different feels throughout the concert, this song, ‘War’ is indicative of the beginning vibes of the show.

The whole idea with this concert was to experiment with playing songs from my catalog that didn’t rely on backing tracks or clicks, so assembling 10 people onstage to do this was no small feat. I wanted to create an experience for band and audience alike that was creative and without boundaries (to the best of our abilities), and I am very proud of it.

The next song we will release will be a different vibe, but for now, please enjoy this take on a song of mine from the Infinity era. It was originally about fighting back against your own self destructive mechanisms and thoughts, so maybe that’s appropriate for what has been going on recently. Again; Thank you for the support and I hope you are finding the strength to get through this chaotic year.”

Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1 comes out on October 23; pre-order here.

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