Exclusive Track Premiere: Pteroglyph’s Crushing, Groovy Death Metal Slapper, “Black Death”


Ever wonder what the hell took you so long to discover an incredible band that’s been right under your nose the whole time? That’s how we feel about Pteroglyph, who’ve been making music since 2012. With that in mind we’re 100% certain we’re going to evoke the same reaction in you.

On “Black Death,” the second single from their sophomore album — which MetalSucks is pleased to premiere today — Pteroglyph fuse chunky grooves with surgical riffing for a fresh take on death metal that pushes the genre forward, no easy feat these days. If you dig the approach taken by bands like Sylosis and Dyscarnate but wished the groove element were amped up to 11, ala Gojira or Decapitated, then you’re in for a helluva treat.

Frontman Jimmy MacGregor offers of “Black Death:”

“This track is a chaotic demonstration of unrelenting guitar-fueled madness. With one foot in thrash and the other deep rooted in modern technical metal, this song was written to give little room for breathing!

“The concept for the song is loosely based on an infection that overtakes humanity. Only the strong survive and the weak can only beg forgiveness… seems relevant these days!

“Expansive vocal melodies, synchronised unabated double kick and guitar hammer this home to bring a frantic, sense of desperation and futile repentance.

“Straight up old school meets new school progressive tech metal and then kick each other in the head.”

Thanks for doing our jobs for us with that last part, Jimmy.

Jam “Black Death” below! You will like, we promise. Check out the title track here if you want more.

Pteorglyph’s next album, Solaire, comes out on November 6 via Bloodblast; pre-order here.

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