Rumor: Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy to Film Virtual Concert with Estranged Drummer Bobby Blotzer


Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy is rumored to be filming a virtual concert with his solo band that will feature a guest appearance from estranged drummer Bobby Blotzer.

Pearcy has been at odds with some of his former Ratt bandmates for several years, with guitarist Warren DeMartini (and Carlos Cavazo) leaving the band in 2018, and Blotzer forming his own version of Ratt in 2015, the latter of which resulted in a legal battle over the band’s name and two separate touring versions of “Ratt.”

But Pearcy recently extended an olive branch of sorts to his lifelong on-again-off-again partners in crime, saying in a January interview that he’d only want to release a record under the Ratt moniker if the surviving members of the classic lineup were involved (guitarist Robbin Crosby died in 2002). He also added that he’s been in touch with both DeMartini and Blotzer lately, saying of the drummer:

“I do talk to Bobby. Bobby and I are — it’s love-hate, brother kind of a gig. We keep in touch and talk about positive things. He still has interest, so there are some things to talk about. And Warren is the same.

“Look, life goes on. Life’s short. Hate’s not a good thing. There’s communication. But I can’t say anything.”

Now at seems as if Pearcy and Blotzer have mended their relationship enough to begin making music again together.

According to Metal Sludge, Pearcy will film a virtual concert with his solo band over February 26 and February 27 at the famed Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, to be released via a streaming platform at a later date. Sludge credits “multiple sources” as saying Blotzer will be back behind the kit as a guest on a few songs.

What’s more, Blabbermouth notes that Pearcy shared the above Metal Sludge article on his Instagram with the following added caption: “Hmmm, we’ll have to wait and see.” He later shared a photo from Thursday night’s rehearsal featuring the singer standing next to an unidentified drummer, believed to be Blotzer, who has his back turned to the camera. Stephen captioned the picture: “Rehearsal tonight had swing. #drummerswhoplayyamaha #rattbastards #streamconcerts #backstagepast #concert #Ratt.”

All of this should surprise no one who’s followed Ratt over the years: the band members have frequently split in epic blowout fashion only to reconcile a few years later, lawsuits be damned. While Blotzer’s return to the fold is certainly welcome, at this juncture it only seems to be on a partial basis as a guest for Pearcy’s solo set… and what’s more, I think most Ratt fans would agree that no DeMartini = No Ratt. Still, it’s a positive development for the two of us actually following this drama (you and me). So to you, one person, I say: stay tuned.

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