Cirith Ungol Announce New EP, Release First Single


A little less than a year ago, Cirith Ungol released Forever Black, their first album of new material since 1991’s Paradise Lost, and it did not disappoint.

Fortunately, then, fans won’t have to wait another 29 years for new music from the band: they’re gonna release an EP called Half Past Human on May 28 via Metal Blade.

Now, technically, I oughta mention, this actually isn’t new music — but it will all be new to you! From the press release:

“[T]he band dug deep into their archival crypts, drawing back the veiled mists of history to expose long-forgotten jewels from their storied past. In so doing, the band exhumed four songs written in a bygone era but never properly included as part of their fabled discography. Cirith Ungol swept the dust off these precious relics, summoning long-dead forces back to life. Each song was reimagined for today, injected with a fresh dose of power and vitality while preserving their trademark mysticism and remaining drenched in sinister, apocalyptic energy. “

So a not dissimilar approach from the one Van Halen took with A Different Kind of Truth, strange though the comparison may seem.

The first single, “Brutish Manchild,” is available for your listening pleasure below. You can pre-order the EP here.

Half Past Human track-listing:
1. “Route 666”
2. “Shelob’s Lair”
3. “Brutish Manchild”
4. “Half Past Human”

Album artwork by: Michael Whelan
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