Belphegor to Batushka Fans: “KISS MY ASS F*GGOT”


You may have missed it last week because we didn’t report on it (MetalSucks, the one and only news source in metal!™), but Belphegor announced a European tour with “Batushka” set to take place this autumn.

I put Batushka in quotes because the version of the band on the tour is the one led by Bartłomiej Krysiuk, affectionately dubbed “Faketushka” by fans of the “real” Batushka led by Krzysztof “Derph” Drabikowski. The two factions have been embroiled in a legal battle over the rights to the band’s name since 2019.

Fans of the real Batushka (often called “Ba-TRUE-shka”) weren’t fooled by the tour announcement and were quick to point out the nature of the band supporting Belphegor. Here is just a small sampling of such comments left by Batushka fans on Belphegor’s Facebook post announcing the tour:

Drabikowski himself issued a statement distancing himself and his Batushka from the tour while implying Krysiuk used an old band logo he doesn’t have the rights to (or does have the rights, but shouldn’t):

Several fans noticed that their critical comments of Belphegor and Faketushka were being deleted from the thread. We managed to snag a couple calling out that behavior:

An unidentified member of Belphegor responded to at least one such comment, calling fans’ fair assessment of the Batushka situation “cheap goSSip:”

One fan decided to send the band a direct message, and Belphegor wrote back with an extremely dated and offensive pejorative:

As if taking out the fake Batushka on tour weren’t enough of a bad look for Belphegor, they just dug themselves into an even deeper hole with the above. Not that I gather they’ll care: I’m sure it won’t be long before they call us politically correct SJW’s who are trying to cancel them.

And while I’d normally wager that Belphegor’s fans won’t care either — fans of this type of metal aren’t exactly known for their cultural sensitivity — given the fact that those fans are already pissed at Belphegor for platforming Faketushka, this might be one of those rare instances where MetalSucks and black metal elitists align. Hallelujah!

Listen to Панихида, the 2019 album by the real Batushka, below.

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