Enlarge Ever wished Insomnium's sound lean more towards black metal and viking metal? Get in here!

Exclusive Song + Video Premiere: Thyrfing’s “Jordafärd”


If Insomnium leaned a little bit away from doom metal and little bit towards black metal and folk metal, the results would probably sound an awful like “Jordafärd.” The second single from Thyrfing‘s first album in eight years, Vanagandr, is heavy, epic, emotional, cinematic, and evocative. The title translates to “Burial,” and the track does, indeed, have a sort of funeral dirge quality to it, what with its mournful guitar solo, sweeping orchestral parts (recorded by Grand Magus’ along with Dutch artist Lon Snow), and the wailing operatics (by Natalie Hernbor) during its conclusion… but it’s a viking funeral. There’s fire arrows being shot into a body as it drifts away on a waterfront. It’s kinda sad but also way cool.

Says the band of the track:

 “This is the slowest and probably moodiest song on the album. A burial hymn and a longing for the end – the perfect album closer.”

Metalsucks is chuffed to premiere “Jordafärd”! Check it out via the official animated cover video (below), which created by Niklas Sundin, former guitarist for Dark Tranquillity and Laethora.

Vanagandr comes out August 27 Despotz Records. Check out the first single, “Döp dem i eld,” here, and pre-order the album here.

Exclusive Song + Video Premiere: Thyrfing’s “Jordafärd”
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