Enlarge Their new album, 'Kostolom,' will arrive in August.

Slaughter to Prevail Share New Song and Video, “Baba Yaga”


Russian deathcore unit Slaughter to Prevail have unveiled a new song and video, “Baba Yaga,” from their forthcoming new album, Kostolom.

Baba Yaga, according to a quick Google, is the name of a supernatural being in Slavic folklore. According to Wikipedia, Baba Yaga “appears as a deformed or ferocious-looking old woman. In Slavic culture, Baba Yaga lived in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs.” Fascinating!

Musically, I’m getting some Slipknot vibes from this song. I’m not familiar enough with Slaughter to Prevail’s past work to say whether that’s a new thing — I’m guessing not, as Slipknot have influenced just about every band on the -core side of things to rise up in the past decade — but I’m saying that on this particular song it’s a big influence, both in the percussion style and tones and in the chorus’s vocal hook. You’ll hear it! That’s not a bad thing.

Give it a spin below. Kostolom arrives August 13; pre-order here.

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