Doc Coyle Believes God Forbid Will Reunite: “It Is a Matter of When, Not If”

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been nearly eight years since God Forbid broke up, and we here at MetalSucks still miss them constantly. The more time passes, the more we’re positive that they were one of the best bands to emerge from the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. At least one of their albums — 2005’s IV: Constitution of Treason — is a bona fide masterpiece, but there’s not a bad album in their too-brief discography. I still listen to both that album and 2004’s Gone Forever on the regular, and had honestly kinda forgotten how good 2009’s Earthsblood was until I revisited it recently. Don’t get me wrong, I think Bad Wolves are great, and I’m thrilled guitarist Doc Coyle found well-deserved success with that band… but I would find something kind to say about Ted Nugent every day for a year if it got God Forbid back together.

(And yeah, both guitarists Doc and his brother/God Forbid co-guitarist, Dallas Coyle, have been columnists for MS in the past. Big whoop. We were God Forbid fans for years before we ever got in contact with those dudes, and Doc could probably send me a box full of flaming dog shit tomorrow and it wouldn’t change my opinion of his work.)

Fortunately, it would appear I won’t have to stoop so low to make that reunion happen! The PRP reports that during a recent episode of his podcast, The Ex-Man, Doc fielded a fan question about the possibility of God Forbid getting back together — and he seems confident it will happen sooner or later:

“I think [it’s] just a matter of how and when. The logistics… It’s just not easy because guys are all over the place, guys have children, they have jobs, they have wives, they have obligations and it’s not the easiest thing to put together.

“It’s interesting, we were getting a lot of this additional interest during the pandemic… My main priority is Bad Wolves and so I have to organize everything around that. I would say it’s just baby steps so we’ll see, try and make it work.

“I would say it is a matter of when, not if, but then again I don’t want to hype people up because it’s just gotta be correct. Everything’s gotta work out.”

After parting ways with vocalist Tommy Vext early this year, Bad Wolves are currently working on their next album, Dear Monsters, with their new singer, former The Acacia Strain guitarist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz. Point being, as Doc implies, it will probably be another minute before we see this reunion take place.

But the mere fact that he seems so sure of GF’s eventual return makes me all tingly in my special parts. If I was a rich man, I’d throw money at God Forbid and Chimaira to do a co-headline reunion tour, and I’d get Bloodjinn to play support. Since I’m not a rich man, though, I’ll just wait patiently and continue to blast this shit incessantly:

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