Enlarge When Sisters of Mercy meet Metallica, but with a blatant disregard for apostrophes.

Unto Others’ Single, “When Will Gods Work Be Done,” is Absolute Fire


Let’s get this out of the way right up front: Unto Others, the band formerly known as Idle Hands, seem to have missed an apostrophe in their new song title, “When Will Gods Work Be Done.” It’s wrong in the YouTube title, it’s wrong in the press copy, it’s wrong everywhere. Unless it’s intentional and they mean multiple Gods, in which case it should either be typeset as Gods’ or even The Gods’. What the hell, dudes? And how did no one at the label, management, pressing plant or anywhere flag this mistake? Unless there’s some kind of deep meaning here I’m missing, in which case, dudes, kindly enlighten me! I’m @vinceneilstein on Twitter and generally available.

Other than that, I love friggin’ everything about this track and its video. I never paid much attention to Idle Hands so I’m not qualified to say whether the band name change accompanies a marked musical stylistic shift, but this song is absolute fire! Goth, new wave, dark wave and post-rock are all the rage right now, and there’s plenty of that here, but what I really like about this song is how the band has mixed all of that seamlessly with metal riffing. If you ever wanted Sisters of Mercy and Metallica combined into one, you’ve got it now, and the song is catchy as all get out. The song’s bridge section is basically the riff from “One” and the little double-bass flam the drummer does is perfection, but the mood remains dark and vibey throughout.

I also love the band’s aesthetic, similarly part goth shlock and part bullet belt. Best of all, they are SO SERIOUS and SO DORKY! Just absolutely 100% devoted to being SUPER SRS about their music in the best way. It’s truly beautiful. I love when bands do this. Mwah! *chef’s kiss*

Check out “When Will God’s Work Be Done” [corrected] below, their first single for Roadrunner Records. No album has been announced just yet, but look out for an apostrophe-challenged tour with Harms Way soon.

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