Enlarge "If your country or state requires me to be vaccinated to play a show I will not play the show."

Chelsea Grin Vocalist Denies World His Talent to Protect Himself From 5G

  • Axl Rosenberg

Tom Barber, monster noise-maker for Chelsea Grin and the Jane Fonda of the deathcore generation, has a sad message for his fan.

Lambgoat reports that during a recent Instagram story, Baker made the following declaration:

“If your country or state requires me to be vaccinated to play a show I will not play the show.”

The other members of Chelsea Grin have not yet released a statement in support of Barber, hopefully because they’re on the phone trying to get through to his predecessor, original frontman Alex Koehler, to see if he’s ready to come back now. Barber has only been in the band for a few years, appears on just one Chelsea Grin album to date, and has the least important job in the band. I’m not saying he’s completely dispensable. But I am saying he’s easily dispensable.

“Oh no, here comes Cancel Culture again!” someone cries in the comments section. To that person I say “Eat my shit.” I mean, sure, you can sprinkle some seasoning on it, but after that, y’know, you should definitely have to scoop piles and piles of my feces into your mouth you stupid fucking asshole moron.

Lambgoat notes that Chelsea Grin are currently scheduled to tour Europe and the UK starting in February, so they’re gonna hafta come to some kind of consensus on this issue sooner or later.

Actually, now that I typed that, I kinda wonder if the tour isn’t what spurred Barber to proudly display his idiocy, along with jewelry and fashion accessories? Someone may have said to him “You need to get vaccinated so we can play in France,” and Barber is now pouting. Hm

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