Enlarge "A Valediction" feels like a change of pace for the tech-death band.

Obscura Premiere New Album Title Track

  • Axl Rosenberg

The title track from Obscura’s new album, A Valediction, is noticeably different from the band’s usual fare. It’s not technical death metal.

Which is not to say that it’s not technical (the guitar playing will leave your jaw on the floor) or that it’s not death metal (it’s heavy as fuck). It’s just that as a song, “A Valediction” is really much more in the realm of melodeath than most of Obscura’s material.

And it’s good! It’s catchy but not poppy, it’s melancholy but not depressing, and like I said, that musician ship is characteristically top-notch. It makes me wonder what other tricks Obscura still have up their sleeve.

Says Obscura mastermind Steffen Kummerer of the track:

“The title track combines past and future to the present. With a combination of virtuosity, catchiness and clear arrangements, ‘A Valediction’ unfolds a bittersweet, fragile temper and sums up the lyrical framework of the entire album. A worthy title track and characterful summit of upcoming concerts.”

Check out “A Valediction” the song below.

A Valediction the album comes out November 19. In addition to Kummerer, the band has been re-joined by bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling and guitarist Christian Münzner, both of whom previously appeared on Cosmogenesis (2009) and Omnivium (2011). The line-up is rounded out by new drummer David Diepold (Cognizance, Give Em Blood, Amon Din, Nü Jakk Citie). 

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