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Tom Morello Releases New Collaboration With Bring Me the Horizon

  • Axl Rosenberg

Tom Morello has released a song called “Let’s Get This Party Started,” which features Bring Me the Horizon. It’s the second-most disappointing thing Morello has done this year, after admitting he’s friends with Ted Nugent.

This is especially true because the main riff is pure Rage Against the Machine rockage; this song could have been AWESOME, but instead it has a bunch of annoying auto-tune nonsense. Serious bummer.

At least the video is still cool: it’s just a montage of crowds at shows going apeshit. I recommend watching it with the sound off and a different, better song playing on your stereo.

Morello comments on the team up:

“Bring Me The Horizon is really the current standard bearer of hard rock/metal today, and thank God for them for that. I had a couple of huge riffs and we just started mashing it up with Zakk Cervini, who has worked with them before.”

If Bring Me the Horizon are truly “the current standard bearer of hard rock/metal today,” it is truly time for me to search for a new line of work. Fuck this shit.

Morello continues:

“This song was written on three continents — Oli was in Brazil, Jordan was in England and then I was here in L.A. It was a real United Nations of metal coming together to produce this song, which really feels to me like it captures the angst and the frustration of the pandemic boiling over into an all-time mosh pit.” 

Three white dudes from two countries make up the United Nations of metal. You heard it here first, folks.

Morello concludes:

“This song also has one of my favorite guitar solos that I’ve played in quite a while, as I was really digging deep to make a solo as devastating as the track.”

Well, I agree with that bit at least.

Watch the video below. The track will appear on Morello’s new solo album, The Atlas Underground Fire, which comes out on October 15. Pre-order/pre-save here.


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