Enlarge A pretty song about Myrkur's "journey into motherhood."

Myrkur Shares New Song “Rivers Blessed (Demo)”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Myrkur has released a new song. It’s called “Rivers Blessed (Demo).” I find that very confusing because there is not, as far as I can tell, a non-demo version of “Rivers Blessed” available. So I guess Myrkur just released the demo? Why not the final version? Or is the word “demo” part of the song’s title but not a reference to a music demo?

Fortunately, Myrkur’s statement about the track clears up absolutely nothing:

“‘Rivers Blessed’ is written about my journey into motherhood, a path that by no means was easy but it changed my life and how I view the world forever. I wanted the song to have a strong feeling of winter, and therefor the harp is the only instrument, because its sound reminds me of falling snowflakes. The chorus is from an old Danish poem called ‘There is nothing in the world as silent as snow’ and it talks of the silent, pure and gentle new world you find after the snow has fallen, which feels like nature’s magic.”

I don’t know how many children Myrkur has. Maybe just one, and maybe she’s saving the non-demo version of “Rivers Blessed” for the second child? Speaking as a father of six, I can tell you that you get more checked-out with each kid. I think there was actually a seventh that we left at a Kmart or something and never saw again, for example.

Anyway. It’s a pretty song. The melody during the verse is oddly similar to that of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” but the rest of the song sounds like something I’d tell my mother to shut off during Thanksgiving dinner.

You can listen below. Upcoming Myrkur live dates are as follows:

Nov 18 Musikhuset Århus
Nov 20 DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen 
Jan 21, Philippuskirche, Leipzig 
Jan 27, Göteborg Lejon, Stockholm 

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