Enlarge What is it about elderly folks watching metal videos that's so entertaining?

Watch: Archspire’s Mothers Reacting to Band’s New Video is Everything


Filming older folks’ reactions to metal music videos is a concept as old as time itself, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more room for new entries in the genre. And kids, Archspire have absolutely knocked it out of the park with their own effort!

It helps that the band has excellent source material, the video for their most recent single, “Corpse Drone Aviator,” which is both gory as hell and features all the band members hamming it up. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the full cooperation of their mothers, who were all not only down to put themselves out there in this way, but to fully get into the spirit. High five to everyone involved in this shoot, you all nailed it; great job!

Watch the video below. Archspire’s new album Bleed The Future comes out on October 29.

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