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So Hideous Release New Song “Souvenir (Echo)”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Longtime MetalSucks favorites So Hideous are getting ready to release
None But a Pure Heart Can Sing, their first new album since 2015, which is beyond-exciting news.

The first single from the release, “The Emerald Pearl,” was an ambitious expansion of their sound; the new single, “Souvenir (Echo),” is no less daring. The band retains the basic elements that make them So Hideous — cinematic metallic hardcore that feels soaked in melancholy — there’s just all kinds of other gloriously crazy, delightfully weird shit going on here. That includes a dash of Middle Eastern flavor, a jazzy piano interlude, what I think is a very anxious-sounding fiddle, and a finale that it just a TORNADO of raw emotion.

So that’s two killer singles in a row now. Chances are, None But a Pure Heart Can Sing is gonna be worth the wait. That’s great, if unsurprising, news!

Listen to “Souvenir (Echo)” below. None But a Pure Heart comes out December 3rd on Silent Pendulum Records. Pre-order it here.

So Hideous Release New Song “Souvenir (Echo)”
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