Enlarge The band has gone full-on industrial.

Code Orange Channel Nine Inch Nails on Brand New Song, “Out for Blood”


Code Orange’s last album, Underneath, saw the band dig deep into the ’90s industrial metal canon, incorporating elements of electronica into the core of their music. Some fans were delighted with the new direction while others were disgusted, but it unquestionably got folks talking and propelled the band to a new level of exposure and success.

Now here we are a year and a half later with our next look into the band’s future, a brand new single called “Out for Blood.” And it’s not just “incorporating elements of electronica” anymore… the song is full-on industrial. What’s more, so is the band’s new aesthetic, right down to the dungeonous setting and copious amounts of leather, bondage and blood in the music video. If “Out for Blood” is a harbinger of Code Orange’s future, the band’s next album is going to be one giant industrial fuck party.

“Out for Blood” is also a good song, thankfully. It’s catchy and nu-metal tinged (albeit with a killer guitar solo from Reba Meyers), and while I imagine the band’s OG punk fans will hate it, nearly everyone else will dig it.

“Out for Blood” is just a standalone single for now. We’ll see if a new album announcement follows suit.

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