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Head Pee Release Terrible New Song “Not Today”

  • Axl Rosenberg

There’s been this thing happening to me recently where nu-metal bands I’ve always hated are putting out new stuff and I’m like, “Eh, this isn’t so bad.” It happened with Korn. It happened with Limp Bizkit. It happened with ICP.

Point being, when I sat down to listen to the new Head Pee single, “Not Today,” I was fully prepared for it to be not as bad as I was imagining it would be, because that’s been the trend recently.

Oh well.

This song sounds like Kottonmouth Kings doing a bad impression of the Red Hot Chili Peppers covering A3’s “Woke Up This Morning” (a.k.a. the song from The Sopranos). Very very not good.

Also, I may be losing my goddamn mind, but I’m 99% sure they’re yelling “No ISIS, not today!” during the chorus. I assume that’s a reference to the Islamic State, because I don’t buy that Head Pee know about the Egyptian deity or the beloved post-metal band. If I’m right, then, frankly, I’m not sure what to make the of the lyrics for the verse (and I don’t just mean the part where they rhyme “head” with “head,” or the fact that there are three variations of the phrase “get out of the way”):

With all your superpowers
I’m so surprised
You didn’t see this coming
Now it’s too late to compromise
This ain’t what you wanted?
You should’ve planned ahead
‘Cause now the natives restless
They want your head
We got the higher ground
What you gonna do?
You can get out the way
We coming through
It’s not up to you
So just walk away
Ain’t no man alive
Can control my fate
I came through the ashes
Crawled through the dirt
Move out the fucking way
Before you get hurt… bitch

Is the song from the POV of those fighting back against ISIS? But… ISIS are the ones taking heads, not “the natives” (and also, the members of ISIS are natives). Maybe the ISIS in the chorus is the Egyptian deity? But if that were the case, someone in Head Pee must have known people might not make that connection… I don’t know. I feel like I’ve already spent more time thinking about this than Head Pee have.

Actually, maybe that’s why they’re calling Head Pee… because pondering the meaning of their lyrics makes you feel as though your brain is full of urine. Well. My mind is blown. Or. Uh. Peed, I guess.

Anyway the dumb song is below and Head Pee have a dumb album with a dumb title coming out on a dumb label in Dumbcember.

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