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Listen to Devin Townsend’s Two New Albums, The Puzzle and Snuggles, Now!


Devin Townsend has been teasing The Puzzle for over a year now, initially as a multimedia project with a significant visual component. The effort evolved over time, and he later described it as a “collaborative, multimedia art project,” a “highly orchestrated” affair that “gave me a chance to purge and be completely creatively free” during the pandemic. He also revealed that The Puzzle would have a companion album called Snuggles which is “meant to be something you listen to in order to feel better… Puzzle is chaos, Snuggles is calm,” he said. “The whole project is meant to express that I think there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel we’ve been through.”

Both The Puzzle and Snuggles came out on Friday, December 3, and are now available for Devy fans’ listening pleasure everywhere you stream music. That the two albums arrived with little pre-release hype by way of the usual singles, videos, press, etc. is intentional: Devin described these releases as “a stopgap between Empath and the next record” that were never intended to be proper album releases in the usual way.

While the albums are now out digitally, physical copies are delayed by a couple of weeks thanks to the now familiar supply chain issues affecting manufacturing. You can pre-order those here, however, including an impressive looking deluxe edition that features a built-in 7″ inch screen on which you can watch the accompanying film.

Devin released a five-part mini documentary series about the making of The Puzzle earlier this year. You can catch up on that here.

Listen to both The Puzzle and Snuggles below!

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