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Watch: Metallica and Exodus Zing in New Cobra Kai Episode


A new season of Cobra Kai is upon us, which means it’s time to remember what the hell happened in the last one, which aired a full year ago but may as well be an eternity. I completely forget! But I do recall feeling that Season 3 jumped the shark a bit, leaning too hard into its own ridiculousness. But I’ll probably watch it anyway. And so, likely, will you.

The show’s ’80s theme has always made it ripe for metal call-outs, and the latest comes to us from one of the men name-checked himself, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. The character Ray confronts his neighbor Greg for blasting “shitty Metallica” all night. Ray responds that it’s “actually Exodus’ Bonded By Blood, but it’s not your fault you don’t know the genre,” a zing we’ve all wished we could fire at a herby neighbor.

You can watch the clip below via Holt’s Instagram, including his own commentary at the end, “Haha, tell ‘im, fuckin’ loser!” at the end.

Cobra Kai is out now on Netflix.

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