Exmortus and Jake Nunn Rip Through “Metal Meltdown,” One of the Best Painkiller Tracks


There’s simply no disputing it; Judas Priest‘s 1990 album Painkiller is without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest metal albums of all time. If you disagree, we’re gonna have words. Apparently the gents in Exmortus agree, as they’ve lent their talents to a tribute album by Glory or Death Records titled Bow to Your Masters Volume Three: Judas Priest.

Their track, “Metal Meltdown,” features Hell Fire vocalist Jeff Nunn at the helm, perfectly encapsulating the absolutely insane vocal heights that typically only Rob Halford in his prime can provide. Still, from the soaring guitar solos to the unworldly vocals, this version is a faithful recreation of one of the more killer tracks off of Painkiller.

So be sure to take a few minutes out of your day and hit play on the video below. You won’t regret it. And while you’re at it, go to the Bandcamp page for Bow to Your Masters Volume Three: Judas Priest and preorder it for the always metal price of $6.66. The compilation will come out on November 6.

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