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Puscifer Release Video, Concert Films, and Soundtrack


V is for Versatile: A Puscifer Concert Film featuring music from the V is for era and Parole Violator: A Puscifer Concert Film featuring Conditions of My Parole,” two concert films by Puscifer, just became available.

Both films are available to rent or purchase via Puscifertv.com and Apple TV/iTunes (linktr.ee/Puscifer).

Puscifer Release Video, Concert Films, and Soundtrack

The band, led by Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell and Carina Round, have decided to reimagine two of their most epic and appreciated records in the form of these releases.

In their time as a band, Puscifer have releasedV is for …(2007), Conditions of My Parole (2011), Money $hot (2015), and Existential Reckoning (2020)—in addition to a series of EPs and remixes. Beyond the core trio of Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell, and Carina Round, the group consists of Greg Edwards, Gunnar Olsen, Juliette Commagere, Billy D and his wife Hildy Berger, Major Douche, Special Agent Dick Merkin, and many more. The band’s name can be traced to a 1995 episode of the HBO series Mr. Show where Keenan first used the name “Puscifer.” 

V is for Versatile track list:

1. Queen B
2. DoZo
3. Va**** Mine
4. Momma Sed
5. The Mission
6. The Undertaker
7. Trekka
8. Indigo Children
9. Potions
10. Dear Brother
11. Breathe
12. The Humbling River

Parole Violator track list:

1. Tiny Monsters
2. The Green Valley
3. Telling Ghosts
4. Toma
5. Man Overboard
6. Monsoons
7. Oceans
8. The Rapture
9. The Weaver
10. Horizons
11. Conditions of My Parole
12. Tumbleweed

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