Aire Como Plomo is the Colombian Groove Metal Band You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life


Sometimes a band shows up in your inbox and you’re glad you gave them a moment of your time because you never realized you needed their special blend of brutality in your life. Aire Como Plomo (or A.C.P.) from Bogotá, Colombia is absolutely one of those bands.

After stumbling upon their highly stylized music video for their track “Erase The One,” it’s hard not to get behind ’em. From the moment you hit play, the track grabs you by the balls and twists. The ol’ dick twist of crushing rhythms, furious guitars, and thunderous vocals.

We at MetalSucks love showcasing international metal acts that maybe don’t get a ton of love outside of their home countries or regions of the world. As such, this shit is very specifically our jam. So take a moment of your time and hit play below. You absolutely won’t regret it.

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