Montreal Canadiens’ Mascot Makes the Case that Faith No More and Hockey Mix


I’m just gonna come out and say it — I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to hockey. Never really got into it, even though I’ve always lived near a team (Devils or Flyers). Still, one of the best things about the sport is how extra their mascots have become. Gritty’s a fucking menace and the New Jersey Devil’s been in some great commercials over the years, but it seems the Montreal Canadiens’ “unofficial official mascot” Metal! is obviously the best one in the NHL.

Yesterday, the blue furred, mullet wearing mascot got Faith No More‘s attention when a clip emerged of the mascot and his “roadie” strutting down the stadium’s concourse while jamming out to “Epic” from the band’s 1990 album The Real Thing.

Unveiled late last year as the long-lost brother of the team’s other mascot Youppi, Metal! is just that — a metalhead mascot that apparently got separated at birth by crawling to the sound of Styx’s “Renegade,” prompting a janitor to cry out “that’s so metal!”

As a big Mike Patton and Faith No More fan myself, it might be high time that I:

  • Get into hockey
  • Pick the Montreal Canadiens as my team.
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