Omen Astra’s “This is the End of Everything” is a Sludgy, Apocalyptic Track


With the release of their debut album The End Of Everything just a month away, Canadian progressive post-metal outfit Omen Astra just dropped the massive sounding closing track of the same name.

With a sound that melds sludge metal, post-metal, and a bit of black metal for good measure, “This is the End of Everything” carries a harrowing weight to it. Clocking in at just over six minutes, the track moves at a steady pace as it ebbs and flows over itself with an oppressively atmospheric feel.

Featuring members of The Black Maria, Spread The Disease, New Day Rising, and The Abandoned Hearts Club, Omen Astra says their music exists to transport listeners “into the darkest depths of human existence through larger-than-life lyrical storytelling and an expansive heaviness influenced by the likes of Neurosis, Gojira, and David Bowie.”

With the release of their debut album in sight, singer Christopher Gray said The End Of Everything has a story to tell, albeit a pretty bleak one in which we’re all pretty fucked.

“In many ways this album is a concept album. There is a whole story leading up to this final song which is about a man who is forced to fight in a dystopian world on the verge of an apocalypse. He is lying next to his lover one last time before he sets off to fight for the freedom they have lost. This is a desperate conversation between two lovers, filled with little hope and the ultimate willingness to sacrifice for permanent change.”

If you’re looking for dismal sounds on an almost epic scale, you should absolutely check out the track below. Omen Astra’s The End Of Everything will release on May 13 via Hypaethral Records, though you can preorder your copy today.

Omen Astra, The End Of Everything

1. Breathe Into The Wave

2. False Gods

3. Who’s Been Painting My Roses Red

4. The City That Burns

5. Glory To The Crown

6. This Is The End Of Everything

Omen Astra’s “This is the End of Everything” is a Sludgy, Apocalyptic Track
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