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Dååth Do Death with Cover of “The Philosopher”


There are very few bands that have as much influential sway within an entire genre as the late Chuck Schuldiner and the legendary band Death do. So it only makes sense that a prominent American death metal band like Dååth would want put out their own twist on a classic track like “The Philosopher,” off the 1993 release, Individual Thought Patterns.

For guitarist Eyal Levi, the prospect of putting out their own take on such a classic track takes on a special meaning for him.

“It’s insane to think that it’s been 30 years since I first saw the music video for ‘The Philosopher’ on Headbanger’s Ball. I loved the song then and I love it now. This is our attempt to honor Chuck’s legacy and massive contribution to extreme metal.”

Similarly, guitarist and synth/orchestration czar Jesse Zuretti chimed in about the idea of tackling something like “The Philosopher,” citing Schuldiner and his impact on the death metal genre.

“Chuck and Death paving the way for future extreme metal bands – the best way to pay tribute is to play.”

In addition to the members of Dååth, the cover also features some guest guitar work from Rafael Trujillo and Ice Nine Kills’ Dan Sugarman. According to the band, Trujillo handles the track’s first solo, while Sugarman laid down the second one.

Remember, it was only a couple months ago that Dååth were in a more than decade long hiatus when they out of nowhere announced that they were not only coming back, but that they already had some new music ready in the form of their latest single “No Rest No End.”

So go ahead and check out the clip below. We dare you to try to not bang your head to this one.

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