Ruin Your Weekend with AI Kurt Cobain Singing Hole


Have you ever wanted to hear what Kurt Cobain would sound like singing a Hole song? Neither have we, but you can now, thanks to AI.

I’m not sure what is more disturbing with this cover of “Celebrity Skin,” the uncanniness of the AI cover or the weird photo used in the visualization.

Meanwhile, this comes at a time when Courtney Love herself has been clamoring for more femme representation in the hallowed Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, making this drop all the more ironic.

In a recent op-ed calling out the injustice, she said:

“Rock Hall’s canon-making doesn’t just reek of sexist gatekeeping, but also purposeful ignorance and hostility.

“It took the Rock Hall 30-plus years to induct Nina Simone and Carole King. Linda Ronstadt released her debut in 1969 and became the first woman to headline stadiums, yet she was inducted alongside Nirvana in 2014. Most egregiously, Tina Turner was inducted as a solo artist three decades after making the grade alongside her abuser, Ike. Why are women so marginalized by the Rock Hall?”

Whether or not this AI masterpiece is a nod to that or just a disturbing experiment, it came at a great time to highlight everyone’s obsession with overlooking women, and most important of all, we can all agree this version is bad.

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