Fever 333 Unveiled Their New Lineup as Jason Aalon Butler Dove Off a Damn Roof


It’s only been a couple months since everyone but vocalist Jason Aalon Butler quit Fever 333 and it looked bleak for the future of that band, but enough time has elapsed and a new era of the band is in full effect. And that’s got Butler so excited that he stage dove off a roof into a crowd of fans during a popup show this past Wednesday. But that sort of behavior is nothing new for the dude.

Last October, guitarist Stephen Harrison and drummer Aric Improta announced their departure from the band, leaving Butler as the only member. At the time he said the band would continue, promising that he’d find new members. Well, now the band has new members: drummer Thomas Pridgen, formerly of The Mars Volta; guitarist Brandon Davis; and bassist April Kae. Which explains why Butler was feeling a little invincible that night.

Luckily, a fan was at the show and captured the moment their Twitter page. Calling it “new era, same energy,” you can tell people at that show were absolutely pumped to have Fever 333 back.

Looking back, we know there was some unrest in the Fever 333 camp before Harrison and Improta left. And we know that because of the statements made by both men.

“Aric and I have decided to leave Fever 333. I won’t get into the details but things were pretty bad internally. That plus creative differences sort of left me with no choice. That said, I’m so thankful for all the amazing fans, people who helped Fever behind the scenes, and my friends and family who supported me through all of this. Your support means so much! I still plan to make music. Aric and I will probably do something together in the future. Love you guys!! Know your worth!!”

“Steve and I have decided to step away Fever 333. Its layered, but ultimately, I’d just rather dedicate my time to projects that operate different than that one.

“Massive thank you to all of our fans, our friends and the amazing people who helped us along the way (you know who you are). We got to play some unforgettable shows, travel a ton and meet some incredible individuals. Steve and I will probably do something together in the future.”

Given how things went down last time, here’s hoping for the fans’ sake that things run a little more smoothly.

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