Poppy and Danny Elfman Team Up with Dub Trio’s Stu Brooks for the Dark, Synth-Filled Track “They’ll Just Love You”


In recent years, dark synthwave artists have begun infiltrating the m etal scene. Acts like Perterbator either have a legit connection to metal or artists like Gunship simply write tunes that fit a darker aesthetic. Enter Stu Brooks, bassist and founding member of Dub Trio, whose debut LP 40HZ looks to enter that same heavy synth space.

Earlier today, Brooks released his latest single “They’ll Just Love You,” which features collaborations by Poppy and Danny Elfman (yes, that Danny Elfman). As you’ll hear in the clip below, the song is a dark and atmospheric.

Brooks said he was happy to get started on this song, especially since it meant an opportunity to work with other like-minded musicians. While Brooks and Elfman have worked together in the past, this is the first time Poppy’s joined the fray.

“Something about Danny and I just clicked when we first met, musically and personally. Now that it’s been a few years of collaborating both live and on his albums ‘Big Mess’ and ‘Bigger Messier’, it feels full circle to have this new song together. Since this is his first feature ever on a record, it’s an honour to collaborate with him on this.

“When creating this song, I applied the same M.O. as I did with ‘Bigger Messier’, which is a collection of carefully curated collaborations. Poppy is such an incredible and unique artist that I knew she would be a perfect fit to duet with Danny. She went beyond my expectations. It was so fun to get in a room with her and composer Simon Wilcox and Matt Cronk, who are incredible artists in their own right.”

You can check out the full track below.

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