New Music by David Ellefson and Jeff Young Might Not Be Done Under the Kings of Thrash Name


Ever since bassist David Ellefson was kicked out of Megadeth following an online sex scandal, he’s been involved in a number of projects with a whole slew of other artists. One such project has been Kings of Thrash, a band comprised of pretty much only ex-Megadeth members that swore it was going to move from the Dave Mustaine-fronted band by *checks notes* playing Megadeth covers live.

And while they’ve since released an original tune that sounds like a diss track aimed at their former boss, it sounds like that might be one of the only times that sort of thing happens. During an interview with George Dionne of KNAC (transcribed by Blabbermouth), Ellefson said the music that’s being written by himself and Young could be released under a different project name altogether.

“We’re deciding, as we’re writing new material… Because, look, it doesn’t have to be thrash. It doesn’t even have to be from a Megadeth origin, really. Even though that was kind of the origin story, it doesn’t have to sound like that. It should be us, who we are now today, I think. So, we’ve decided Kings of Thrash, for sure, is this [touring project] playing the music of yesterday. And then we’re just deciding now, okay, this new music, to fit within that, should it be Jeff Young and David Ellefson doing something together? You know — Ellefson-Young.

“I think that’s kind of one of the fun things now, is why not? Let it become its own thing… And I think that’s the best place to go with any of the creative stuff. It’s like water — it creates rivers and creeks because it goes where it needs to go. And if the land and the rock isn’t gonna move, well, then if finds another path. And I think music is pretty much the same way.”

Ellefson-Young is one of those other projects that the ex-Megadeth bassist has been working on since his ousting. Naturally, it’s kind of fallen by the wayside a bit as Kings of Thrash went on tour and Dieth released a record. In the past, Ellefson said his project with Young would release “one-off singles rather than a full-length album,” though that could change.

We’ll just have to wait and see if we’re going to get any more anti-Dave Mustaine music from Young and Ellefson in the future.

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