Eye Am (Feat. Crowbar and Type O Negative) Are Busy in the Recording Studio


Last month, a new supergroup burst onto the scene with a killer track and an even better lineup, as Eye Am dropped their single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun.” Featuring Type O Negative guitarist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly, along with Crowbar’s frontman Kirk Windstein and ex-Crowbar bassist Todd Strange, the band sounds like a sludgy Soundgarden and honestly — I’m fucking here for it.

During a recent Instagram live post, the band got together to talk with their publicist Raquel Figlo about how things are going and what fans can expect in the near future. What we ended up learning is that they’re hard at work putting together their debut album.

While Windstein said the last time they worked on the track, they were “thrown to the lions, so to speak,” Kelly admitted that this new stint at OCD Recording And Production in New Orleans, Louisiana allowed the band “to know each other even though we’ve known each other for a long time. We’re getting to know each other as players.”

“That’s what I love about writing. Not quickly or hurrying on the spot — because you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Because when you woke up, this thing didn’t exist. And then, at the end of the day, you have a recording of it. It’s like it’s there forever.

“We all have our writing styles, and the band is really finding our own kind of sound that works for us with this recording session. It’s original, and it’s cool. Of course, it’s difficult not to show your style and your influences, but this doesn’t sound like our other bands; it sounds like us four dudes. This time we’re learning to feed off each other and bounce ideas off one another, and that’s when you truly collaborate.”

The rest of the conversation deals with a number of topics, including how each member writes music and what they bring to the table.

According to the talk, the band is planning on releasing another single in October or November, with plans to release either an EP or a full-length album by spring or summer of next year. If the rest of their output is similar to that debut track, it’s going to rip.

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