Monolord Release Surprise EP It’s All The Same


Earlier today, Swedish doom/sludge metal outfit Monolord dropped an entirely unexpected EP titled It’s All The Same. Crammed full of fuzzy riffs, thundering rhythms, and echoy vocals, the two epic tracks that make up this release pulse to their own beat while remaining sonically interesting throughout.

You can listen to the songs right now on your streaming platform of choice, or through their YouTube page (which we so courteously embedded below). But if you want something physical, they’ll have vinyl versions of today’s release available this September.

According to the band, both songs have kind of been floating around in their creative process for a while. It only took some additional effort to mold them into what you hear today.

“Did we hear somebody asking for new Monolord? Sometimes a single is just what you need. We’ve had these two songs in the making for a while and now we finally found their shape and form.”

In both “Glaive (It’s all the Same)” and “The Only Road,” Monolord set out to remind you why they’re considered one of the best examples of modern doom metal out there today. Everything is so massive sounding and heavy, with both tunes able to wash over you like the rising tide. Slow, methodical, inevitable.

Physical LPs of It’s All The Same will be released on September 8, but you can pre-order your copy right now via Relapse. There are three vinyl variants to choose from, so be sure to get yours squared away before they sell out.

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