Exodus’ Gary Holt Would Love to Do a Solo Record, If He Could Only Find the Time


As one of thrash metal’s hardest working guitarists, Gary Holt doesn’t have time to start — let alone complete — the projects he’d really like to do. At least that’s what he told attendees during a guitar clinic last week when he was asked about the prospect of making a solo album.

The question came last Monday at Pitbull Audio in National City, California (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). Holt, who’s been an integral part of Exodus since the early 80s and a major part of Slayer‘s post-Jeff Hanneman, told attendees that while he loves the idea of putting together a solo album together, he simply doesn’t have the time.

“I’ve thought about doing a solo record for years, like having different friends play on it and different singers and shit like that. Maybe someday. But I give everything I’ve got to Exodus and always have. And when the rest of the band are sitting around doing nothing, like a bunch of lazy fucks they are, and I love ’em to death, I’m writing or I’m doing other shit.

“But that’s okay; that’s my role. So I never have time for that kind of shit. Even when I have time… Like right now, with [Exodus’s tour of] Europe being canceled, I’ve been home doing nothing, but I need to make a new Exodus record, so I’ve been working on that, aside from doing some home improvement bullshit and stuff like that.”

In addition to working on new Exodus music, Holt also recently announced via social media that he’s got a memoir titled A Fabulous Disaster: From The Garage To Madison Square Garden, The Hard Way in the works. It’s been picked up by Hachette Books.

“Super stoked!!! The announcement in book circles has gone out today, so I’m sharing it in MY circle! The book about my life is under way, from the beginnings of Exodus and thrash metal, to the drug fueled fall, to the unexpected and tragic circumstances that led me to @slayerbandofficial to the bounce back to Madison Square Garden with and @exodusbandofficial charting at number 20 on the MAIN Billboard charts, all will be told! No holds barred, all the lows and highs will be retold! Been a project very close to me, and I’m stoked to be working with @ademtepedelen_ @lauramazer @bschafer714 @hachettebooks and @wendysherman to make this a reality!”

In addition to writing new Exodus music and memoir, Holt’s been crazy busy with other personal and professional responsibilities. Not to mention the familial issues that cropped up earlier this year when his brother was injured abroad.

We’ll have to wait and see if Holt’s schedule clears up. It would be crazy interesting to hear what Holt would come up with if he didn’t have all those other things going on.

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