Kings of Thrash’s Jeff Young: “We Five Tracks in the Can” for Debut Album


They may be known as the band full of ex-Megadeth members doing covers of their former band on tour, but Kings of Thrash have original music in the works for the so far unnamed debut album.

Now, you may remember that they released an original song earlier in the year that we pretty much feel was a diss track for their former bandmate Dave Mustaine. At the time the band said they were working on other original material and during an interview with BraveWords, guitarist Jeff Young confirmed that they’re hard at work in the studio.

“We have five tracks in the can. David lives in Arizona and we have this amazing underground recording studio. And in Arizona with that heat, it’s great if you’re underground because it’s like an oven there. That first song that David and I started which was spawned by the Menza movie. That song has come to life, and it’s called ‘Bridges Burned’ [which has its origins from a riff Jeff brought in back in 1988, intended for what became Rust In Peace].”

Later on in the interview, Young elaborated about the band’s original material, stating that they’ll be using a different singer than their touring frontman Chaz Leon.

“For the original material, we are going to use a different singer. We are working with somebody who is frighteningly good. He’s already finished the vocals on ‘Bridges Burned’. It’s really brand new, so I can’t really say too much more about it. The originals, they have thrash elements, but there’s everything because David and I have lived 10 different lives since Megadeth. We’ve grown as musicians, so we’re gonna bring all that stuff and the energy we had in our 20s and combine that with everything that we’ve learned in our 30s 40s and 50s is in that music. There is a thrash element, and it’s got the speedy, shreddy stuff, but we had much more. It’s like a jambalaya. I just love the songs. Each of the songs are quite different, but they all sound like the same band.”

As for their road show, which we mentioned before sees them performing old Megadeth tunes, Young said that sort of thing will remain a part of their concerts moving forward. And while they’ll have their own original tunes, they’ve added covers from other bands to their repertoire along the way, including songs from Mustaine’s old band Metallica.

“We were doing it on the road with Kings Of Thrash. We’ve kind of taken a turn to where we are going to proceed. And David has talked about it a little bit, so I guess I can be the next one to leak out the next bit of news. Kings Of Thrash are going to continue to do exactly what we do. Doing the best of the classic Megadeth that we were a part of. It’s part of our heritage. We’re doing extra stuff in the encore like Riot’s ‘Swords And Tequila’. We even got Rick Ventura, the original guitar player, joining us when we were in New York. And I think we inspired them because Riot Act are out on the road performing Fire Down Under and it’s entirety. We are expanding and doing Metallica songs and Def Leppard’s ‘Wasted’ which is on David’s covers album. So Kings Of Thrash is going to continue on this path and play as many shows that people want to see us.”

At this moment we don’t know what the Kings of Thrash album is titled or when it will be released.

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