Wait, Is Linkin Park Reuniting with a Female Singer?!


This July will mark seven years since Chester Bennington sadly took his own life. It was a tragic moment that not only impacted a family and shattered his friends, but caused the immediate end of legendary nu metal outfit Linkin Park. For years following his death, members of the band said there were no plans to reunite and have since released a tribute live album and reissued some of their older albums.

Well, it turns out that we might be staring down the barrel of a revival for the band — that is, if Orgy frontman Jay Gordon’s to be believed. During a recent interview with Mike Z’s Wired In The Empire for KCAL 96.7, the “Blue Monday” cover vocalist let slip that there might be something in the works regarding Linkin Park and that Bennington’s replacement will be an interesting choice.

“Very, very cool guys and obviously a great band. They’ve been around a long time and they’re still going for it. It’s going to be tough without Chester [Bennington], but we’ll see. I hear they got a girl singer now. That’s what I heard.”

Record scratch. What? Not only are they coming back but they’re replacing Chester Bennington with a so far unnamed female vocalist?! That’s news, man. Unfortunately, Gordon must have immediately recognized his fuck up, as he immediately tried to recant what he said. Thankfully, that’s not how the internet works.

Shortly after blurting out that little bit of info, Gordon sort of tried to take it back but only in so far as he says he could be wrong.

“Don’t quote me on that. I’m not sure who the singer is going to be, but I heard it was gonna be female. They might just try to move on like that. That ought to be interesting.”

Riiiight. So this is for sure a thing is the vibe I’m getting from Gordon. So yeah, just as the Pantera thing is a nostalgia trip, it looks like Linkin Park fans will get their chance to relive their favorite tunes, albeit with a new face heading things. At least, that’s what we’re led to believe, anyway.

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