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Emmure are currently rocking the fuck headlining the Mosh Lives II tour with Terror and a few Sumeriancore bands. But their hectic schedule didn’t preclude frontman Frankie Palmieri from sitting down with to talk such humdrum interview topics as illegal downloading, independent record labels, advice for new bands, the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, the Illuminati, and Jesusaurus Rex.


The video is available above, so you can see for yourself. Everything’s going fine until around the eleven-minute mark, when Palmieri changes the subject from his favorite porn sites to the matter of a batshit-crazy theory involving something called Planet Nibiru, an ancient race known as the Anunnaki, and an imminent collision between their world and Earth. At first, you want to believe that he’s just fucking around, until he goes completely off the deep end and regurgitates crackpot bizarro conspiracy theory shit like Jesus Christ’s reptilian bloodline, missing 9/11 gold (part of what those 9/11 Truth wackjobs use to justify their fuck-tarded platform), and Prieuré de Sion. By the seventeen-minute mark, you’re too terrified to laugh because, yes, this guy seriously fucking believes this shit.

This is the same guy who sang “Ask your girl what my dick tastes like” on “R2Deepthroat”? Even if you loved Emmure’s Felony (which made #9 on my Best Albums of 2010 list), watching Palmieri rattle on about energy displacement and secret cabals is unsettling. Still, at least he wasn’t going around blaming the Jews for all the world’s problems. That’s right, Mel Gibson, this guy is still saner than you.


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