Tour de Force


  • Axl Rosenberg

With his virtually-guaranteed-to-suck new solo album coming out this spring, Slash now has to start thinking about putting a band together for a support tour. Since each song on the album features guest vocals by a different all-star singer, and Slash was never gonna be able to get ’em all to do a whole tour with him, the logical solution was to hire a singer for his touring band.

And that singer is Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy.

This comes as a disappointment to me only because I hate Alter Bridge. As far as I can tell, Kennedy is actually a very talented singer. And he does vox on one of Slash’s solo tracks, “Starlight,” so I guess his presence makes sense; Lord knows Alter Bridge ain’t doin’ squat right now, so he might as well get paid.

Is Kennedy an electrifying live presence? I dunno, I ain’t done never seen him live. But I can tell you that this cover he does of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” isn’t as awful as I would have guessed it would be. It’s definitely a little touchy feely, but like I said, the dude can sing.

Slash promises to “announce the other band members shortly.”


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