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Two new song title puns in one headline?!?! SCORE!!!

So. Periphery’s self-titled Sumerian debut comes out one week from tomorrow. The band has been pretty generous about letting people hear material from that record, and now they’re streaming what I imagine will be the last song we get to hear before they inevitably stream the album in-full. The track is called “Imsomnia,” and you can hear it in all of its djenty glory here.

A little less exciting is the new Whitechapel song, “The Darkest Day of Man.” I wanna like this band. The kids who go apeshit for them look like they’re having so much fun. It just doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t know what makes these guys any different from the eight-hundred other bands all playing the same style of metal. I tried. I did. Swear it.

Metal Blade wil release Whitechapel’s new album, A New Era of Corruption, on June 8.


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