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We’ve seen Dave Mustaine play the song, and we’ve heard a crappy rip filmed directly from the television monitor of a gamer. But now you can finally listen to the studio version of “Sudden Death,” the new Megadeth song that appears in the just-released¬†Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Stream it after the jump.

So what’s the verdict? It’s definitely a good song, although I don’t know that it holds up to the best material on Endgame; it actually reminds me more of the stuff on United Abominations, which was like the “Soooooo close, but no cigar” of comeback albums, a precursor to the treasures Endgame would hold (and certainly a vast improvement over The System Has Failed, which is ten different kinds of boring.) What’s my problem with it? Why, I’m glad you asked. Allow me to explain.

The song has a great chorus, but it only gets used twice. There’s plenty of shredding, which is understandable given than a) it’s fucking Megadeth, b) it’s for Guitar Hero, and c) IT’S FUCKING MEGADETH. But it’s not like anyone ever complains that “Hangar 18” doesn’t have enough guitar solos, and that song definitely gets maximum mileage out of its catchy-as-hell chorus. ‘Cause the thing is, I know it might not be very “metal” to place so much emphasis on a hook, but… a good chorus will really tie the room together, y’know? It’s what catches your attention, and propels you through the song; a good example from Endgame would be “Bodies,” which has plenty of shredding, all of which I’d argue has more impact than the solos on “Sudden Death” — because the whole song feels more structured, and the solos feel like a natural part of the story, so to speak.

So, if I may be so bold… if it were up to me, there’d be another chorus either at the 2:40 mark, before Mustaine starts the next verse, or at the 3:18 mark, before that last long stretch of guitar solos begins.

Yep. “Axl Rosenberg is now full of so much hubris that he’s actually suggesting changes to Megadeth songs.” It’s true. Go tell your friends.

As always, I encourage you listen to the song and tell me to go fuck myself in the comments section. If you really dig the track, it’s currently available on iTunes. I’m too lazy to make a link. If you can’t find it on iTunes, go play in traffic.


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