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Believe it or not, Axl and I don’t spend all day and night in front of our computers. So thankfully for us we have readers like Joe Caperon to fill us in on things we miss, like this German MTV interview with Mastodon at this past weekend’s Rock am Ring festival, in which drummer Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher reveal that the name of Mastodon’s new album is The Hunter. Dailor revealed that the band had just finished tracking the record with producer Mike Elizondo before leaving for their current European festival tour.

What can we expect from The Hunter? Dailor says it’s “heavier, faster, crazier” and “all over the place,” while Kelliher says “there are no 15 minute epic songs” but there are “a lot of short bursts of energy.” Still, I’m gonna wager that any fans who think Remission is Mastodon’s best work will be disappointed; Mastodon aren’t the type of band to step backwards in their evolution. And seeing as #3 Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarist Brent Hinds once again wrote most of the music, I’m sure it’s gonna be another progged out journey. Which is just fine if you ask me.

So: The Hunter. Recording has been finished. Release date by the end of 2011?


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