Green Eggs and Slam



We are proud to present an EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE from one of my favorite newer bands, EMMURE. It’s not only the second single from their latest album “Speaker of the Dead,” but in my opinion their best song. And remember, you saw it here first!!

For those of you who are reading this on your Zune, do not yet have a 56k connection, or for whatever other reason cannot watch the video, here are my notes:

  • I know that some people find them annoying, but personally I love the pre-roll ads that Victory puts before all their videos– I find it a valuable source of information on new products and services that are relevant to my interests!!
  • Emmure deserves a lot of credit for their innovative use of the guitar as a percussion instrument
  • Thanos gives Johnny Plague a run for his money when it comes to urban-inspired arm movements
  • Smoking weed is still a thing? I guess to some people it’s cool because it reminds them of rap, but IMO it’s played the fuck out. Other than Millionaires, I can’t think of any bands who have cocaine in their videos– get on the coke program kids, weed is for hippies and college kids.
  • These lyrics are alpha as fuck (srs). Put this track on when you are at the gym and you’ll blast out an extra set of squats, guaranteed!!

Full disclosure: METAL SUCKS is partially-owned by leading independent music retailer VICTORY RECORDS (although they do NOT exercise any editorial control over any of my posts).

-Sergeant D.

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