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36 Seconds of Hell on Earth: Video from the Guitar Center Grand Opening in Times Square


I take back what I’ve said about how walking onto the NAMM Show floor every January is as bad as stepping into 100 Guitar Centers at once: walking into an actual Guitar Center in New York City’s Times Square, the asshole of the Universe (to New Jersey’s armpit), may be even worse.

The musical instrument chain opened their second Manhattan location last Thursday and someone had the forethought to capture this truly incredible videoclip of wankers wanking their wanks with little regard for self-dignity. The extent to which every single person in this shot lacks any thread of humility is absolutely astounding! Just when you think you’ve seen enough it keeps on going and going and going… and by the time the video’s mere 36 seconds have elapsed you’re begging for mercy. Pity the poor GC employee who has to put up with this on a daily basis!

Here’s a thought: is it possible this video was sanctioned by GC as a publicity stunt? I’d say yes — it’s turning out to be excellent promo for the store’s grand opening — except that this might be the single only example in human history where all press is not good press. And I can’t imagine that the lunkheads in charge of GC are that coordinated.

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