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Demon Hunter

Last time I wrote about a new Demon Hunter song I accused the band of ripping off Soilwork, only to find out that Soilwork’s Speed Strid actually lent his vocals to the track. Slag me all you want for not doing my research on bands I don’t like, but at least you can’t say my ears failed me.

Two years later, Demon Hunter have another new track called “Someone To Hate” from their forthcoming album True Defiance. I read the accompanying press release all the way through — even double and triple-checked it — and I can confirm that Speed Strid is not on this track. But guess what? It still sounds like Soilwork! Especially the chorus, which could’ve easily been on Natural Born Chaos through Stabbing the Drama-era ‘work. The thing about “Someone to Hate” is that it’s really not a bad song at all — it’s quite catchy, actually — it’s just that, ya know, Soilwork already did this 10 years ago.

Also of note, Demon Hunter are apparently now calling themselves a “hard rock” band. Maybe they’re trying to go all All That Remains on us with a play at mainstream rock radio? That’d be so fucking LaBonte.

Also also: holy crap, are these guys Beardy McBeartons these days or what?? They’ve got my respect there.


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