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It’s been more than three years since the release of The Agonist’s last album, Lullabies for the Dormant Mind, but the band will finally unveil a new release, Prisoners, this summer. And now they’ve debuted the first single from said release — and song called “Ideomotor.” Which is a real thing, and not just a funny way of saying “a meter that reads a person’s ideologies!” I looked it up on Wikipedia:

“The ideomotor effect is a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. As in reflexive responses to pain, the body sometimes reacts reflexively to ideas alone without the person consciously deciding to take action. For instance, tears are produced by the body unconsciously in reaction to powerful emotions. Automatic writing, dowsing, facilitated communication, and Ouija boards have also been attributed to the effect of this phenomenon. Mystics have often attributed this motion to paranormal or supernatural force. Many subjects are unconvinced that their actions are originating solely from within themselves.”

So, there ya go. My vocabulary expanded, all thanks to metal. Take THAT, angry unsupportive mothers of the world!

In fact, I wish the song excited me as much as its title does. It’s not terrible or anything, but it’s very 2004, if ya know what I mean — good cop/bad cop vocals, At the Gates guitars, etc. Bummer.

But, hey, as always, you’re free to disagree with me. Stream the song here and see what you think. Prisoners comes out June 4 on CM.


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