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What in the Mother of F*CK Did I Just Watch???

  • Axl Rosenberg

Amongst this year’s competitors for Eurovision — the stupid competition for which Tony Iommi’s awful soft rock song is a finalist — was a band called Winny Puhh… and although they didn’t win the contest, something tells me they’re going to be THE band that everyone remembers this year. I’ve been sitting her for twenty minutes trying to figure out how to best describe them, and I’m coming up short. I think they may merit the creation of a new word: weizzarrd.

The song, by the way, is called “Meiecundimees uks Korsakob laks Eile Latti,” which apparently means “Meiecundimees and Korsakob Just Went to Latvia.” Ohhhh, so now it all makes sense.

[I saw this on Metal Insider who saw it on Zena Metal who saw it on a site that doesn’t have the word “metal” in it.]

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