Young and In the Way are scary. Like, really, truly scary, not fake corpsepaint scary; makes you wonder what happened to these fucked up human beings during their childhoods that made them the way they are today. I haven’t been as legitimately frightened by a band since I was 10 years old and saw this drugged out photo of Guns N’ Roses on the back cover of Appetite for Destruction. Or since my parents would take me through the streets of the East Village when I was a wee little one — well before the yuppie apocalypse turned Avenue A into Disneyland East — and I’d see mohawked punk rockers in leather and chains. SCARY! Who were these people???

I was dumbfounded when I saw Young and In the Way play SXSW in March, despite an audience of maybe 15 people watching. Get a taste of what I experienced — but with an audience 10x the size — from this footage CVLT Nation posted of the band playing in North Carolina this past Saturday. Their frontman performs like a man possessed.

Look for big things from this band very soon. They’re much buzzed about.


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